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“Change is the Only Constant in Life”

July 30, 2013

The title is a quote from Heraclitus. It sounds true. And I guess it should come as a comfort that while we are all doing this life thing together that everyone deals with change. I don’t deal with change well. It is out of my comfort zone. There’s an element of lost control when things change, at least for me.

Life is changing at the Smart house again. Two and a half years ago I wrote a blog talking about some changes then. Of course, things have been changing all along, but some pretty significant things are going on now. Emilie is well established in college now, with a year under her belt. Having another adult in the house is interesting. We don’t really make plans for her anymore, we just invite her to join us when she can (and she usually does!) Taylor will be starting his SENIOR year in high school. It’s been a wild ride with him, to say the least, but the finish line is in sight and we’re excited. Hayden (my baby!) is starting high school this year. This one is most difficult. She’s growing up and while I am so happy for her, a little bit of me wants to cuddle with that tiny blue-eyed girl who stole all our hearts.



Most significant (to me) is that I am going back to work. I have been hired at Umpqua Valley Christian as their 3rd grade teacher. With the church still needing to keep a smaller staff, our home budget has taken a hit again. This job will help make up the difference. That is such a blessing and I am so excited to be doing something in a classroom again. To be sure, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. (Have you seen the site teacherspayteachers? Love it, but oh man, there’s a lot of info there!) I had decided to step down from coaching the JV volleyball team this year, with all my new teaching duties. I was going to assist the Varsity coach. Now, she is stepping down and with that decision, I am also. Not really by my choice, but a good decision regardless.

There are some additional decisions I am currently praying about which mean change as well. I’m having a particularly difficult time coming to terms with one of them. In praying through this process, the Lord gave me a picture of myself holding my hands over my eyes while a tornado of things I am doing swirled and whirled around me. I was upset because I couldn’t catch a hold of things I thought should be staying with me, and I looked up to tell Him I didn’t like the changes happening. He said,

I am “the same yesterday, today and forever.” Come stand by me and I will give you what you need for this moment.

He led me to a conveyor belt and showed me how in my life He places things in front of me for a season for me to work on (like in a factory assembly line.) When my part is done, the belt moves that thing to the next person and a new task is in front of me. With Jesus by my side, I can do whatever task He places there. I won’t stay in my comfortable area doing the same thing forever, but He has a better plan for me. And me letting go means He can bless the person taking over as well as me as I start my new assignment.

So, Mr. Heraclitus, I beg to differ. The only constant in my life is Jesus. And there is no fear of change when I’m standing with Him.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8 (NKJV)


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