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He Said/She Said – What’s For Dinner?

May 22, 2013

Just for fun, Jerry and I are sharing our sides on different topics. The topics are chosen, we both write our own opinion (without reading the other’s first) and then post them to our respective blogs. You can visit Jerry’s blog here to read his side of the story.

She Said:

I think my cooking style has changed over the years. As a newlywed, I only had a couple of recipes up my sleeve to pull out for my husband. I liked to “experiment,” which usually meant adding corn to Hamburger Helper.

…I was not very inspired…

After all the years we’ve been together, I wouldn’t say I am a particularly adventurous chef, but I have some family favorites. (Hamburger Helper has not been purchased for years!) My family loves the “Simple Bolognese” (taken from Giada De Laurentiis) and I make a couple of slow cooker meals which are popular. Let’s just say I don’t have a lot of complaints. I’ve learned the basics of what my family will and will not eat and when I try to new recipes, I can tailor them to those particulars.

I have, however, always been one to want to cook what sounds good today. I don’t mind making a weekly menu, but I use that more to know what to buy. Usually I just make a list of the dishes I intend to make during that particular week and choose each day what I want to serve. I have never really been interested in the idea of structured menu planning…i.e. Meatloaf Monday, Spaghetti Sunday, etc.

All this is out of Jerry’s comfort zone. He really wants to wake up each morning knowing exactly what is happening in regards to the kitchen table. I laugh because, I’m sorry Honey, it ain’t happening! The idea that you would have a total of seven dinners and every week eat the same thing on the same day…yawn. That seems so boring!

I like the freedom to change things up. I also like to find new recipes and throw them in the mix as well. I mean, how would we know about that wonderful “Crock Pot Indonesian Chicken” that we have decided is a new family favorite? Yes, there have been some recipes that we won’t try again, but how fun to switch it up a little and try new things.

So, I choose to live a free life, not dictated by the day of the week. Jerry, you can do it your way when I go out of town!

Check out Jerry’s side here.  Any topics you would like to suggest?

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