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February 23, 2011

Day 30 – A picture of someone you miss

This is a picture of my beloved Pappaw and Grannie, Orville and Janie Weeks. They are my mother’s parents and I am their oldest grandchild. Growing up, I was blessed to have both sets of grandparents living and close to me. There were a lot of cousins on the Jones side, and I was one of the younger ones, so I never really connected as much with them, even though I loved them very much. But my Pappaw and Grannie were (are) always a very special part of my life.

When we were very little, we would get to spend days at a time at their house, sometimes by ourselves and sometimes the whole group of 4 cousins. (Our youngest cousins came a little later, making the grand total 6 of us.) They made us feel so very loved and special when we were with them.

Grannie would always ask what we wanted for meals and for breakfast I would most likely reply I wanted her  “hot cakes.” Grannie was a crafty person, so she usually had some project that she was working on. I learned a lot of crafts from her! She was also a  “from scratch” type person. I have been collecting a few of her recipes over the years because I don’t want to lose that originality in this boxed up world we live in now.

We had lots of fun playing around the house, but the times I really remember were when Pappaw would take me down to the gin to talk to his friends and eat peanuts until I was almost sick. I loved my times with him. He made me laugh when he sneezed after eating cinnamon TicTacs. Yet he always had them with him so we could laugh at his sneezes.

When we were older, they moved near a lake in the Texas hill country. We all learned to water ski and fish and drive the boat. Grannie had beautiful gardens of flowers and fruits and veggies at their house. We ate her canned jellies for breakfast and had fish fries at night with the fish Pappaw caught (including homemade hushpuppies with homemade cocktail and tartar sauces!)

It was so fun to visit there. Even way back then, our lives were hurried and full. Time with Grannie and Pappaw was slower and that made it different and special. I’m not saying there weren’t times I was bored while visiting, but I’m glad I had those times. It gave me a chance to learn from and about them. They are part of my heritage and the values they had are a part of me now.

A few years ago, Jerry and I were able to visit them with our children. I was sitting on the porch, early in the morning with Jerry, watching the kids and Pappaw go look at a moonflower in the garden that was just about to close up. Pappaw came and sat by us and we all laughed as the kids went about chasing tiny frogs in the dewy grass. I remember thinking what a treasure it was that we could be together, just sitting and relaxing at the beginning of the day. Sometimes I think it would be nice to move backward a little and enjoy a few moments just savoring. I miss those times

And I miss my grandparents. They are still living in a little town in the Texas hill country, in my great-grandparents’ house. We don’t get down there often and I regret that. There won’t be many more opportunities for those special moments.

Thank you for letting me share about my Grannie and Pappaw. Now you know them, too. You can called them Grannie and Pappaw, too…everyone does!


My last challenge post… This is a little sad to me. I must come up with another assignment because this has been so much fun!

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