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Real Treasures

February 19, 2011

Day 26 – A picture of something that means a lot to you

Carlsbad Caverns 2004

As stated in a previous post (found here), I have been known to place a lot of value on  “things.” And I can also be silly about what is a treasure to me. I was very excited last night, as I started thinking about what I would write about today, that my most treasured  “items” are my family and the time we spend together.

This picture was taken on one of our road trips to Texas to visit family. We have taken many of these trips, both to Texas and Oklahoma, always with the end result of spending time in families’ homes. And we love being able to do it. Most of the trips look the same way. We spend as few nights on the road as we can (usually 2-3 days of driving), eating out as little as possible, spend about 5 days with family, then hit the road home. We try hard to make the trips enjoyable, but with only a few days on the road, it’s pretty much driving only.

This particular trip was a special one. Jerry had taken off extra time from the church. Most of the time, our vacations are planned so we don’t miss more than one weekend away, but this was a  “Two Weekend” vacation. The origin of this trip was to celebrate my Pappaw’s 80th birthday in Granite Shoals, Texas.

That changed our usual route. Normally, we drive down I-5 through California, cut over to I-40 and break off close to whatever town we are visiting. This time, we drove down I-5 all the way to I-10 and went east. It was a fun (hot) trip in July. Not being the normal route, we researched things to see and do and took our time. I mapped out reservations. An entire trip staying at Motel 6  motels along the way. (By the way, they are NOT all the same!)

We drove east. For fun, we stopped at Carlsbad Caverns. Jerry and I had visited here when we were young and it was fun to take the kids. We also took the kids for a quick trip into Juarez, Mexico.

That was an adventure! The kids screamed and cried in the backseat as Jerry attempted to drive a 3 lane street with 4 lines of cars. We stopped at a market (to buy vanilla!) and looked around a little, then headed back. The kids freaked out when we were propositioned by people at the border willing to pay us $5 to hide them under blankets in the back of the van. It might be important to remember that Taylor changed his name to Carlos on this trip also because, as he put it,  “Taylor means industrious, and I’m not.” (Carlos happens to be the name of a relative, but he did not know it at the time.)

We stayed a few days at Pappaw and Grannie’s, visiting with lots of family who had come to celebrate. We were able to visit swimming spots I had played at when I was growing up, as well as take Jerry and the kids on some tours of the area. Then we headed south to San Antonio, stopping when we saw something interesting, including Wonder World Park near San Marcos (another cavern.) Of course, we saw the Alamo in Texas, where Daddy could then explain why he had rolled the window down in Mexico and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Remember the Alamo!”

We drove north to Gorman, Texas, to visit Jerry’s grandparents, Texas Papa and Louise, on their ranch. The kids had a great time running, playing, fishing, getting bitten my mosquitoes and chiggers…another learning experience from my childhood to pass on to the next generation.

And then we headed home, worn out, exhausted, full of stories forever. I never regret these trips. The long days of driving and adventures are well worth it when the end results are so nice. We all have collections of memories to keep with us. And inevitably, it draws us closer to each other.

I think it’s time for another road trip!

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  1. faerylandmom permalink
    February 19, 2011 4:21 pm

    I love it! I love road trips, and wish we could take more.

  2. Norma permalink
    February 19, 2011 4:29 pm

    Yes, yes, yes another road trip…hope it’s our way 🙂

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