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February 12, 2011

Day 19 – A picture of you when you were little

This little girl reminds me a lot of my own little girls. I can see Emilie in her eyes and Hayden in her smile.

I don’t remember things from this age, but I remember that porch. We lived in a house about 13 miles from town, affectionally called “The Green House” by our family. It truly was a green house.

We had a dog named Teddy that I loved. When Teddy was gone (never knew how that happened) we got a new dog, Lacy, who would sit behind me when I was swinging and grab the back of my clothes to drag me off of the swing. Daddy took her away. And we had lots of kitties. I loved my kitties!

I had a big room which also held all our toys and the washer and dryer. One of my brothers shared my room on ocassion. It had a door to the back yard area. My friend and I would sneak out of that door to hide from my little baby brother who would follow us around. We hated that! (We were 5 and he would have been 3.)

We had a big tractor tire that we played in too. We would sit on it, play in the dirt inside it…that really doesn’t sound like a lot of fun now, but I know we loved it then.

We moved to town when I was almost 6 years old. My brothers and I missed The Green House. It’s amazing how something that was a part of our lives for so short a time could mean so much to me.

The Green House was torn down when I was in high school. It was a sad day when we were told. We hadn’t lived there in 10 years, but it still seemed like such a special place. Looking back (with the eyes of an adult) that house should have been torn down when we were living in it. It was old even then, and actually made up of a trailer house and another building put together. It was close to the highway and had no fence around it to keep little feet from running away.

But I still have the warmest feelings when I think of it. I got my first Barbie doll in that house. And for my birthday one year, my Mom let me wear this paper crown and my friends and cousins came to the party. My first slumber party was there, too. And my Mom would let me stay up and wait for Daddy to come home on Valentine’s Day to give me my present.

Thanks for letting me ramble a little today. I get nostalgic looking at old pictures. Now, to bed with warm fuzzy feelings for me!

Love you all!

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  1. faerylandmom permalink
    February 14, 2011 8:57 am

    We have a house like that living in our memory too. For us, it was the “cream-colored house.”

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